2021 & beyond:
co-create the ‘new-normal’ of working.

2020 was the year of direct impact of the global pandemic Covid-19. Very rapidly, it has disordered our way of living, working, consuming and interacting with each other.

The co.responsibility 2020 edition was created on 3 vertical thematics: Economic Resilience, Making Sense and Digital Readiness. A union of willing companies worked in a full digital environment to co-create concrete solutions companies can adopt in a short and mid-long timeframe.

2021 offers a new horizon in Europe: a start of the year where all companies stay in a semi-lockdown mode, a vaccination campaign in progress, but 1 crucial and common question: how will the new normal of working look like for big organisations? From real-estate management, to employee compensations. From hybrid work schedules, to team coherence and purpose.

Here again, we need co-responsibility to shape the new horizon, because this will become most certainly the new normal for all of us. Or should we say, it’s already the new normal today. A world where everything needs to be re-invented on a very short notice.


3 Thematic Pillars for 2021.

Rethink employee compensations

Understand the new needs of your employee population, redesign group and individual benefits, co-create new purposeful packages…

Hybrid working

New places, new collaboration modes, new leadership. All needs to be re-invented, with new work & life balances…

Employer branding

The new process of attracting talents, beyond frontiers, redefining values, company uniqueness and pride…

A 4-Steps plan.

Scouting cross-industry

From March 15 to April 19

Deep diving on major learnings and problem statements

April 20 & April 30

Ideating in multi-company team digital work sessions on actionable solutions

8 half days

End ideation Pitching

End June

Why joining the 2021 ecosystem?

  • Exchange return on experience learnt during the crisis, and create a common strong vision on the new horizon of working
  • Be inspired and inspire others with collectively defined solutions
  • Co-create in cross-industry teams actionnables ideas that tackle different pain points identified under the 3 pillars
  • Play a key role and be a front runner in the new normal of work
  • Be part of the cross-industrial community to ensure an impact on multiple levels: individual, business and societal

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