The co.responsibility ecosystem gathered 14 senior sponsors, 10 thought leaders & experts, 23 participants, 3 Accenture experts, 3 The Beyonders co-facilitators and 4 Nova Reperta Innovation coaches, all working together on co-creating future proof solutions for people and business beyond Covid-19.

Martha Dobbels

Management Consulting Talent & Organization

Jessica Nguyen Ngoc Thanh

Management Consulting Manager

Stephanie Slachmuylders

Talent & Organization Consultant

Wilfried Remans

Director CSR & Public Affairs

Mathieu Van den Mooter

Government Business Lead

Jeroen Franssen

Senior Expert People & Organisation, Project leader 'Be The Change'

Jan Sonck

Customer & Ecosystem Engagement Manager

Peter De Keyzer

Managing Partner & Founder

“The Great Lockdown will change everything. Let’s look for ways in which we can grow and prosper in this New Normal.”

Youssef Kobo


“While the Covid crisis has hit hard, we must not be blind for the many opportunities that present themselves as the world adjusts to the new normal. Organisations who double down on their why and move swiftly will come out on top. Necessity breeds innovation and fortune favors the bold!”

Guibert del Marmol


“Those businesses that do well by doing good are the ones that will thrive in the coming decades. Those focusing solely on profit maximisation will not be around for long” Richard Branson, Screw business as usual

Laurent Hublet

Co-Founder & Managing Director

“The Covid-crisis reshapes our perspective about job purpose and skills acquisition. Now is the time to rethink our job market and give the right skills for the next decade to the citizens who need these.”

Karen Boers


“A purpose-driven organisation builds dedicated and loyal teams, striving to deliver high-quality products and services – not because they need to, but because they WANT to.”

Elke Jeurissen

Entrepreneur, community architect, author

“Diversity is not a challenge for tomorrow, it is a reality today. A successful post-covid approach is an inclusive one, taking into account the interests and voices of all, regardless of gender, age, expertise, ethnicity or background. We are all in this together. Let’s figure out how we turn this crisis into a growth opportunity together.”

Veerle Coffé

Marketing & Communications Director

Yamila Idrissi

Founder Kahwa Agency

Ron Leplae

Managing Director

David Dessers

Founding Partner

Emilie Delacroix

Head of CSR and Innovation

“Both as an employer and owner of workspaces, Befimmo wants to innovate and meet the continuously evolving needs of its team & users. Therefore we are convinced that to face the future serenely we must think and act together to find solutions in line with our CSR values and strategy. Alone we go faster, together we go further.”

Frank Leroy


“Bouncing back higher than before is the ultimate way for withstanding from this crisis.”

Pierre-André Rulmont

Vice-President Information Systems

“In order to meet the lockdown measures announced by the authorities, STIB-MIVB adapted its public transport offer to ensure safe travelling conditions, increased the cleaning of the vehicles, following the official guidance , such as wearing a face mask and making sure the inspection teams are on the field to support the implementation. A lot of communication campaigns have been launched to support the difficult period and support to all employees was also continuous. At digitalization level , the COVID-19 impacted the ways of working, with new processes and tools. STIB-MIVB will endorse a few of the new digital process and skills, analyzed by co.responsibility.”

Jasper Verplanken


“’s mission is ‘knowledge is wasted unshared’. This pact was the ideal opportunity to share what we know on digital learning and learn from all participants how this can help companies to get back on track. A unique way to combine forces and tackle this challenge head-on, together.”

Jimmy Brouns

Sales Director

“As company, tech partner and father I’m more than convince the we need to learn from the Covid-19 crisis to improve our way of living and working. This historical period gives us an unique occasion to rethink collaborations between people, companies and politics.”

Leen Teunen

Head of marketing retail & private banking

“In these covid times, seemingly small things had huge effects and they put severe pressure on the global economic system. The butterfly effect turns into the butterfly defect and therefor change is a collective responsibility we all have towards our clients, employees and society. That’s why at BNP Paribas Fortis we are very committed to our societal role, and fully supporting the Nova Reperta Innovation’s project on co.responsibility.”

Bert De Winter

Innovation Director

“We are facing a number of important societal challenges, compounded by the Covid19 impact. We have therefore not hesitated to participate in the co.responsability initiative. Together with other companies and organizations, we will come up with innovative solutions that will shape a sustainable future and a new way of working.”

Katty Scheerlinck

Country Director

“As a sponsor of this initiative,  RGF Staffing Belgium is delighted to be part of this inspiring and challenging project. We believe that creating new ways of working and perspectives for the future, whilst taking into account all stakeholders and focusing on sustainability, is an opportunity for corporates and entrepreneurs alike. Together we are capable and responsible for creating future-proof and human-centric solutions.”

Jean-Louis Van Houwe

Founder & CEO

“It goes without saying that Monizze is involved in this co.responsibility project. We wanted to co-create the future based on our learnings during the Covid crisis.”

Hugues Deroubaix

Head of Corporate HR Program

“The covid-19 pandemic changed drastically the way we live, work and collaborate. Globalization, digitalization and other major changes are bringing radical shifts and setting new standards, creating an imperative for enterprises to rapidly adapt to remain relevant. By brainstorming and defining concrete actions, by exchanging experiences with other companies, co.responsibility contributes to define future-proof solutions for both people and business. We cannot predict the future, yet we can invent it, and we can better start now…”

Find actionables for your organisation on:

  • How to foster financial resilience while being a responsible member of society
  • How to define a purpose-driven strategy and develop your workers’ full potential
  • How to make an impact with the new digital way of working and leadership

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